Q What are the elibility criteria for the YVR Art Foundation scholarships, grants and awards?

A Applicants must be of BC or Yukon First Nations ancestry and live in the BC or the Yukon.

Q I am Metis. Am I eligible?

A Metis applicants must hold active BC Metis citizenship.

Q Am I required to have First Nations status?

A Applicants must have BC or Yukon First Nations ancestry and self-identify as a BC or Yukon First Nation to apply for YVR Art Foundation Programs.Status is not required.


Q How should I fill out the portfolio description?

A The most important part of your portfolio description is that the year, number, and title of each image included in the portfolio description sheet should match the number and titleyou have saved your image under in the .zip file.

Q How should I name the images in my portfolio?

A You should name your files with a 2-digit number, reflecting its corresponding number in your portfolio description (01-10), and the title of the artwork.For example, use the following format: 02_TitleOfArtwork.jpg or 10_TitleOfArtwork.tif

Q How do I create a zipped file to upload and submit my file and images with my online application form?

A To create a compressed or "zipped" file, follow these steps: For a PC, save all your files in one folder, right click on the folder and select the zip integration link. This might be "Add to Zip file" "Add to archive" or "send to Compressed folder". Your compressed file will be saved in the folder you select. On a Mac computer, select the folder, right click and select "Compress". The compressed file will be saved in the same folder.