Mid-Career Artist Scholarship Program FAQ


Q What ages are eligible to apply for the Mid-Career Artist Scholarship Program?

A Applicants to the Mid-Career Artist Scholarship Program must be 30 years of age or older.

Q Can I apply for a Mid-Career Artist Scholarship if I have received an Emerging Artist Scholarship?

A Yes. Artists are eligible to receive a maximim of two Emerging Artist Scholarships and one Mid-Career Artist Scholarship.

Q How many timess can I receive a Mid-Career Artist Scholarship?

A Artists are only eligible to receive a Mid-Careeer Artist Scholarship once.

Q When can I apply to the Mid-Career Artist Scholarship Program?

A Applications open annually in November, with a deadline of late January (exact dates vary by year).

Q Should I include my own resume or CV?

A You may inlcude your own resume or CV if you believe it would enhance your application.

Q How specific should the Program of Study be in my application?

A The description of your Program of Study should be as specific as possible. You should include, for example, how you intend to spend your time with a master artist (if applicable) and any details regarding this artwork you will make. When describing your artwork, please be as specific as possible, including material choices.

Q How specific should my budget in my application be?

A You should be as specific as possible. Potential budget itemss may be, but not limited to, travel expenses, mentor honorarium, materials and supplies, living expenses, etc.

Q Should I include images of my master artist's work with my application?

A Although it is not required for your application, if you wish to, you may include images of your master artist's work along with their CV. Including images of your master artist's work may enhance the strength of your application.

Q What should I include in my portfolio?

A It is important that your portfolio show your best work, but if possible, we encourage you to include images that are relevant to the project you are proposing (e.g. if your proposed project is a button blanket, include images that showcase your design and sewing skills).

Note: Please also see the General section of our FAQs for more information on the YVR Art Foundation submission process.