Emerging Artist Scholarship Program FAQ


Q What ages are eliglble to apply for the Emerging Artist Scholarship Program?

A Applicants for YVR Art Foundation's Emerging Artist Scholarship Program must be between the ages of 17 and 29.

Q Can I apply for an Emerging Artist Scholarship if I have received an Aspiring Artist Award?

A Yes.

Q How many times can I receive an Emerging Artist Scholarship?

A Artists are eligible to receive an Emerging Artist Scholarship a maximum of two times.

Q Is the Emerging Artist Scholarship the same at the Youth Art Scholarship?

A Yes. The Youth Art Scholarship was renamed to the Emerging Artist Scholarship. The age criteria for the Emerging Artist Scholarship Program has been expanded

Q When can I apply for the Emerging Artist Scholarship?

A All scholarship applications will open annually in November, with a deadline in late January (deadline to be announced).

Q Should I include my own resume or CV?

A You may include your own resume and CV if you believe it would enhance your application though it is not required.

Q How specific should the description in my Program of Study be in my application?

A The description in your Program of Study should be as specfic as possible. You should include, for example, how many days/hours a week you will be spending with your mentor, as well as details concerning the artwork you would create for the scholarship. You should also discuss the skills you already have and the skills you would hope to gain and the impact on your artwork and practice if you receive an Emerging Artist Scholarship.

When describing your artwork, please be as specific as possible, including material choices and approximate dimensions.

Q How specific should my budget be in my application?

A You should be as specific as possible. Potential budget items may be, but not limited to, travel expenses, mentor honorarium, materials and supplies, living expenses, etc. Your living expenses and mentor honorarium cannot exceed $1,000.

Q What do the cases at YVR look like for the atwork that would be displayed?

A The display cases measure 43" wide x 29" deep x 66" high. The artwork you propose to display at YVR must fit within the case. See photo below for example.

Q Should I include images of my mentor's work with my application?

A Although it is not required for your application, you may include images of your mentor's work along with his/her CV if you wish. Including images of your mentor's work may enhance the strength of your application and familiarize jurors with their work.

Q What should I include in my portfolio?

A It is important that your portfolio show your best work, but if possible we encourage you to include images that are relevant to the project you are proposing (e.g. if your proposed project is a button blanket, include images that showcase your design and sewing skills). As your portfolio will represent you and your level of skill, please use high quality photos that showcase the artwork that you do.

Note: Please visit the General section of our program FAQs for more information on the YVR Art Foundation submission process.