Apply for a Masterpiece Study Program Grant

The application process is now CLOSED for 2016 Masterpiece Study Grants.

Please read through the Masterpiece Study Program Guidelines and Application Form PDF document for eligibility and application information.

Please verify that you have all the required materials together before beginning the online submission process. We recommend saving responses in a separate Word document and copying into the form boxes below. This ensures a back-up of responses is available should you not be able to complete the form in one session.

This form must be completed in one session.

Note: applicants who have received YVR Art Foundation Scholarships e.g. the Youth Scholarship or the Mid-Career Scholarship are eligible to apply for a Masterpiece Program grant, however they may not apply in the same year in which they have received a Youth or Mid-career scholarship award. 

Personal Information
(e.g. Sto:lo, Haida, Selkirk)
Please describe your art practice including your art background, art education and/or mentorships, exhibition history etc.

Please describe:

  • The partner museum you wish to visit.
  • Why you wish to travel to this museum.
  • What is your proposed research/study project at the museum – what do you need to study to improve your personal knowledge and skills in BC and Yukon First Nations art?
  • The specific pieces or categories of the museum collection you wish to see and study.
  • If you are applying to travel to the Burke or Field Museum please indicate "Yes, I have a valid Canadian passport" or "No, I do not have a valid Canadian passport".

Note: the Foundation’s partner museums in 2016-17 are the Bill Holm Center for the Study of Northwest Native Art at the Burke Museum, the Museum of Vancouver, the Royal BC Museum, The Field Museum and the UBC Museum of Anthropology. For more information on these museums and their collections please see the Guidelines & Application Form PDF. Note: if you wish to travel to the Burke Museum in Seattle or The Field Museum in Chicago you must have a valid passport.

Please describe:

  • What you hope to learn during this travel/study project
  • How you will incorporate what you learn into your art practice
  • How you will share your learning and experience with fellow artists
  • How you will share your learning and experience with your home community

Please indicate the timeframe in which you propose to travel. Be as specific as possible. Your travel/study project must take place no earlier than January 2017 and no later than June 2017

Note: Masterpiece Study Program Grant recipients will be funded for travel projects up to a maximum of 4 days (3 nights).

Travel Budget

Please describe the travel costs associated with your proposed project. Using the budget table below, list the estimated costs of transportation (flights, ferries etc.), hotel accommodation, daily meal allowance and any other travel expenses required for you to travel to and return from the museum you wish to visit. Please be as detailed and specific as possible.

(maximum allowable: $150/night for up to 3 nights)


Includes local public transit, taxi & parking fees (maximum allowable: $75/day for up to 4 days)


(based on current rate of 55¢/km)


Note: Masterpiece Study Program grants will be mailed to recipients by December 2016. For grants under $1,500, 50% of the monies will be issued upon confirmation of the collections visit from the museum and 50% when the Study Report is received. For grants $1,500 and over, 50% of the monies will be issued upon confirmation of the collections visit from the museum, 25% at the conclusion of the collections visit and 25% when the Study Report is received.

Submission Materials Uploader


Please attach your Resume or Curriculum Vitae (maximum 2 pages).


Please submit up to 5 high quality photographs of your artwork that best convey the work that you currently do.

Please use the following guidelines and formatting notes to create your portfolio sample. The portfolio you submit will not be returned to you, so please do not include any original artwork.

Portfolio Guidelines

  • Submit a maximum of 5 photographs of your work. Make sure the names and numbers of the photos of your work match the names and numbers of those listed in the Portfolio Description box below.
  • If you submit work that was created with another artist, please name the other artist(s) and identify that the work is a collaboration or that you were an assistant on the project.

Digital portfolio submissions

  • Use .jpg or .tif file types.
  • Files must have a minimum 1024 x 768 pixel resolution.

Include your resume and portfolio photos in ONE .zip file (maximum 20 MB size), uploaded via the button below.

Instructions on creating a .zip file can be found here (will open in new window).


Please list title, dimensions, media and date for each work and ensure that the file names of the pictures submitted in the uploader match the titles in this box.